FLASH Adds Barter Shopping!

FLASH Adds Barter Shopping!

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FLASH members,

As you may know, FTI Foodtech International Inc. (TSXV: FTI) (“FTI”) announced that they will be introducing barter dollars via FLASH coin as a form of payment for goods and services to the Barter Industry.  The first barter transactions involving FLASH were recently completed where Chris Kitze, a co-creator of FLASH, exchanged FLASH coins for Canadian maple syrup on several exchanges.

Read the full Press Release here:



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Benefits to becoming a FTI Member (through their BCO network)


  • Membership is FREE to FLASH coin wallet holders and community members.  You must have a FLASH wallet to participate (refund will be via chargeback).
  • FTI are experts in the barter space for over 35 years…power players.
  • Members can convert FLASH for barter dollars and receive 30% off your trade.
  • Members can also trade their goods and services for barter dollars.
  • You must have a FLASH web or android or IOS wallet.
  • Simple sign up (see below for instructions) using Barter Central Ontario (BCO).



Here’s How to Sign up


  • Fill in your account information.  If personal, add your name under business  name or add your business name.
  • Under “Referral” please enter CHRIS KITZE.
  • Choose categories that relate to your business (if applicable).
  • Enter an email address and password.
  • You will need permission (error message will appear) so please check your email to get further access.
  • Sign in and start trading.



Sign up as an FTI Member today, become a part of this amazing community and change your future!

Any questions, please send them to [email protected]


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