FLASH – Making Micro-payments Easier and Faster in Africa


FLASH – Making Micro-payments Easier and Faster in Africa

Members of the FLASH community all have a voice and we want their voice to be heard on our blog. The blog below was written by Sanni Abdulateef Akinola from Africa. If you want to write on the FLASH blog, let us know.

FLASH is a community supported blockchain project developed for all people that offers fast transactions with low fee micro-payments. For more information about FLASH and the FLASH community please join the Discord and Telegram channel.

Chris Kitze and James Jr., both humble and hardworking advisors, along with a large strong community have been working diligently to make micro-payments easier and faster by partnering with CrowdForce in September of 2018. This business network unlocks digital and financial services for the unbanked and underbanked populations in emerging markets in Africa by integrating FLASH into the CrowdForce business model. Just take a look at all the Crowdforce HTM locations in Nigeria within the FLASH mobile wallet.


The FLASH wallet supports more than 20 different languages, 71 cryptocurrencies, the P2P Marketplace, the HTMs, and 32 fiat currencies.

Interested merchants can learn more at CrowdForce.io or by contacting me directly.

Sanni Abdulateef Akinola
[email protected]

Support Sanni by sending him a FLASH donation.


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