FLASH P2P Wagering Live Tonight at The Rise Fighting Championships


FLASH P2P Wagering Live Tonight at The Rise Fighting Championships


The Rise Fighting Championships, RFC 2, live in Chilliwack, BC, takes place tonight at 8 pm.

Tickets and drinks can be purchased with FLASHcoin.

Additionally, the FLASH P2P decentralized wagering app will be available publicly for the first time.

This app, accessible through the FLASH mobile wallet, allows *nearly anyone to wager FLASH on the fighters and create Events for others to wager on.

With this feature, there is no house, no centralized orderbook, or third party who is holding FLASH in escrow, as FLASH that has been wagered is simply staked in your wallet. This allows for simple P2P wagers with FLASH, where the odds are automatically calculated.

To participate, open the link below on mobile and install on Android or iOS.


After installing, click on the “Wagering” option in the mobile wallet.


The wagering app is extremely easy to use for both players and Oracles (Event Creators).

To submit a wager, select an Event, select which player to wager on, type in the wager amount, and click Join.


To become an Oracle, complete the Oracle Profile. Setting up Events is easy. First, name the Event, add the players, set the Oracle fee, add the wagering end time, add the result declaration time, and include the wager limit. Then, click Create Event and it will appear under the Live Events tab.


Event Settlement

After an event closes, the Oracle must decide who the winner is. First, click on Declare Winner, then click on the winner, and the FLASH will automatically be sent to the winning parties.


The applications for the wager feature are endless, from sports to political wagers, and everything in between. FLASH mobile wallet users who decide to become Oracles will earn a commission for creating and managing Events. Oracles can potentially turn this into a full time job, just by creating and promoting events that others want to wager on.

The possible Events created by an Oracle are only limited by their creativity and motivation. For example:

Will Satoshi move coins out of his original wallet before the end of 2020?
Will the Lakers win the NBA championship?
Will Trump be re-elected in 2020?
Which YouTube channel, PewDiePie or T-Series, will have more followers on December 31st?
Will BTC be worth more or less than $5k on December 25th, 2018?

In future releases, users will have the ability to rate Oracles. This gives these Event creators every reason to maintain an honest practice, as their reputation is on the line. The time to start building a reputation as an Oracle is now, at the very beginning.

The FLASH development fund will receive 30% of Oracle commissions, incentivizing continued blockchain development. Since funding community coins like FLASH, that don’t have a slush fund, is always a pressing issue, this small fee offers a unique solution to fund raising.

Since FLASH is an open source blockchain solution, the wager feature is publicly available for nearly anyone to use as they please.

Again, if you want to participate, install the FLASH wagering app from the link below.


*The wagering app is not available to anyone in the United States. Check with your local laws before proceeding.

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