FLASH September Update

FLASH coin Update

FLASH September Update

The FLASH team is committed to keeping the community updated regularly with what has been achieved so far, what we are currently working on, and where we are going from here. To commence that effort, let’s dive into the September FLASH update.

Here is an interview with Chris Kitze, the co-creator of FLASH, talking with Crypto Wendy O.



FLASH Makes Barter More Efficient

Announced on MarketWatch, FTI Foodtech International Inc. is working with three barter exchanges, Trade Business Exchange (Canada) Inc., Barter Central Ontario, and The Certificate Club (Nachem Inc.), establishing a link between existing barter markets and FLASH coin. FLASH acts as an intermediary for exchanging products and services, improving upon the barter industry. In this way, FLASH bridges the gap between crypto and non-crypto currencies, like barter credits.

FLASH Listed On Einstein Exchange

One of the most monumental moments at FLASH Conference was listening to Jason King, the co-creator of FLASH and Managing Director at Binary Financial, talk about bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market, and the niche FLASH plays in this industry. At the end of his talk, he announced that FLASH was added to Einstein Exchange, one of only two exchanges in the world (the other being Coinbase) that are licensed to allow users to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat from their bank account or credit card. Simply put, Einstein Exchange bridges the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency.

King is also in talks with other exchanges about listing FLASH, specifically Binance, Bittrex, and Bitfinex. FLASH as a reserve cryptocurrency provides a major advantage during transfers to and from exchanges with a transaction time that only takes seconds.

The following video is a must watch for anyone interested in cryptocurrency because King truly offers insight into this industry.



FLASH To Be Listed As A Reserve Cryptocurrency On Blockbid Exchange

FLASH will also be added to the Australian exchange Blockbid, as a reserve cryptocurrency, meaning that it can be paired with every other coin on there. Since FLASH allows for extremely quick transactions, it benefits exchanges and users alike, by allowing withdrawals and deposits that clear in seconds.

FLASH Development

The FLASH development team has been busy at work. We’ve added new team members to keep up with the growing workload. Check out the FLASH development team if you haven’t seen them already. Over the course of the last couple of months, the FLASH development team has released a brand new Web Wallet and mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. In addition to being able to make FLASH transactions anywhere, the FLASH Web Wallet and mobile wallet also supports BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC and OMG. This makes the wallet extremely versatile, as it can conveniently hold other cryptocurrencies besides FLASH.

Flash mobile wallet

FLASH Merchant Tools

The Web Wallet has Merchant Tools available, making it easy for anyone who wants to accept FLASH payments. For merchants, FLASH is a dream come true, as they can accept payments in seconds without dealing with the high fees charged by credit card companies.

New FLASH Bitcointalk Announcement, Updated Website, And Whitepaper


We recently updated the Bitcointalk Announcement, the FLASH website, and rewrote the FLASH Whitepaper that explains the FLASH Consensus Algorithm in detail.

FLASH Blockchain Upgrade – Version 2.0

The FLASH blockchain is being upgraded to version 2.0, a completely decentralized blockchain based around a new algorithm called FLASH Consensus which combines 151 delegates and 25 miners to secure the ledger. The upgrade still uses very little electrical energy, focuses on scalability, and offers transactions that clear within seconds.

flash coins consensus

FLASH Development In Progress

The FLASH development team is working on adding ERC-20 tokens, NEO, and BCH to the Web Wallet and Mobile wallet for even greater versatility.

A new team member has been added to work directly with Trezor to integrate FLASH onto this hardware wallet.

The development team is working on integrating Einstein Exchange directly into the FLASH Web Wallet. In addition to making it easy to trade, merchants who accept FLASH can easily convert it into fiat instantly if they choose. In this way, merchants can confidently accept FLASH without worrying about the volatility common in the budding cryptocurrency industry.

The team is working on Social Send, a way to send cryptocurrency to users on social applications like Twitter, Telegram, Slack, and Messenger. Requiring nothing more than a username, anyone can send FLASH to others without asking for personal information or long crypto addresses – even if the recipient doesn’t already have a FLASH wallet!


FLASH is developing a concept called Human ATMs (HTMs), often referred to as the Uber of cryptocurrency. With this system, anyone, anywhere on the planet can operate or use the service of a Human ATM in order to exchange crypto for fiat or vice versa.

FLASH Liechtenstein Airdrop

A FLASH airdrop to the citizens of Liechtenstein via the General Bytes’ ATMs is planned. Liechtenstein citizens will be able to claim 1,000 FLASH at ATMs nationally.

FLASH Social Media Bounty

The goal with the FLASH Social Media Bounty is to increase our subscribers and social media engagement significantly on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Here are more details on how to participate.

A Look Into the Future of FLASH

FLASH is a community coin, a blockchain built for the people that can be used in real world transactions due to its speed and scalability. Since there are no corporate interests forcing our hand, we are able to offer a product that benefits the community. Moving forward, our goal is show people within crypto and the general public alike the ease and convenience of FLASH.

Thank you to the community for spreading the word and telling others about FLASH. Please help us continue to grow by telling at least 5 new people or businesses about FLASH. Help them set up their wallet and send them some FLASH so we can all participate in this movement together.

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