FLASHcon ’18 Project Competition Results!

FLASHcon ’18 Project Competition Results!

Project Competition Results

UPDATE: FLASHcon ’18, Thank you for your patience!

FLASH Coin received 15 project ideas and all were amazing. The winners will receive FLASH Coin funding to execute their projects. Several community members have agreed to fund the Top 5!

Without further adieu, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winning submissions that have been selected by our panel of Judges/community members.

  1. Angel/CrowdFunding Platform, 500K Flash Coin Awarded, Submitted by Andy
  2. FLASHTRADE.io (tied for 1st) , 500k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Derek
  3. FLASHCoin Game similar to Jetpack JoyRide125k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Community Member/s
  4. FLASH tip bot for Reddit (other platforms, tbd), 125k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Nick
  5. Website Security Auditing & Consulting, 125k FLASH Coin AwardedSubmitted by Danish


Angel/CrowdFunding Platform

FLASH funding is a different spin on the traditional crowdfunding platform.  There are lots of endeavors that bear heavy upfront capital needs (whether it be travel or equipment) for individuals with limited resources.  Examples include aspiring athletes (particularly in performance-based sports like golf and tennis), musicians, bands, comedians, and artists

  1. Anybody can join the site, and potential supporters will have search tools to find campaigns.
  2. Upon signing up, users get a QR code and address for donations that can be used at performances.
  3. 100% of funds donated go to the user, as opposed to Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc.
  4. Another difference is use of the site will be contingent on paying back the “donors/funders” if the talent hits it big.
  5. Both the local musician playing the neighborhood bar can use this platform like traditional crowdfunding to support his/her passion, as well as the recent college graduate ready to hit the road to chase his/her dream on the mini-tours.



FLASHTRADE.Io, 500k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Derek

A loyalty program that pays you GoldTrade FLASH (rewards points) when your friends use your wallet code to earn and trade. Access to FLASHTrade is within the FLASH wallet and members can earn Crypto’s, cash, and residuals for the entire life of the wallet.

FLASH Coin similar to Jetpack JoyRide, 125k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted Community Member/s

The game (name TBD) idea is something similar to Jetpack Joyride but based on Flash. Player’s unlock “the store” features to customize their character and “power-ups” to go furthers with FLASH Coin’s (fiction FLASH Coin’s). Of course, all these screens will be animated and engaging. Also, the main menu will have a play button, options to enable/disable sounds and SFX, a button to go to the official FLASH Coin website, and a link to the store to buy character “improvements” and an exit button. Finally, all advertisements on the game are paid for in FLASH Coin and a certain percentage is allocated to players.

FLASH tip bot for Reddit (other platforms, tbd), 125k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Nick

A tip bot is a bot for Reddit that allows users to send coins/crypto using their wallet address to other users through social comments.  All development will be streamed live on twitch.tv/HardlyDifficult.

Website Security Auditing & Consulting, , 125k FLASH Coin Awarded, Submitted by Danish

Ability to analyze different Web technologies, such as PHP, ASP.NET, etc. (Black box testing). Additionally, develop a tool which can check a web application’s design and coding flaws with respect to security. Further, provide the ability to produce readable and actionable results without extensive Web security know-how. This is the initial award, future awards will be given to maintain the FLASH security.



Ecosystem Project: Real Estate Game for Young Investors

Submitted by Boris

Booking App: Local Service Providers

Submitted by Maxim

Advertising App with User Control

Submitted by Oddbrah

Club App: One Click Access

Submitted by Stefan

Evaluate Crypto Trends

Submitted by Nick

Social Send: Compensation to Content Creators

Submitted by Shawn

Disaster Relief Fund

Submitted by Alicia & FlashForwardPatty

FLASHCoin PR Strategy

Submitted by Tina

Project Unite

Submitted by Crystal & Shine


Thank you to all that worked hard to submit and create these amazing

project ideas. Please continue to follow our growth and updates found

on all of our social channels that include Telegram, Discord, Twitter,

Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and more!


Media Contact:

Alicia Molnar, [email protected]

C: 908-334-2740



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